Facebook’s coming video ads run the risk of ‘MySpacing’ the world’s most popular social network

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

ads ads adsFacebook’s coming video ads will be disruptive, interrupt people, and run the risk of Facebook becoming the very social network it supplanted, according to at least one online advertising executive.

“Facebook won the MySpace battle because of better and more immediate interaction with people,” Eric Covino says. “The more they get away from that, the bigger the concern.”

Covino is the founder and CEO of CreativeSignals, an online marketing firm that buys Facebook ads, among other things. And he’s not impressed with the new of the impending autoplaying video ads that Facebook is rumored to be adding in the next few months.

New Facebook news feed

Facebook’s clean, uncluttered new News Feed.

As soon as July, according to some reports, Facebook will be rolling out 15-second video ads right in your news feed. You’ll only see one video ad from one company a day, but the positioning right in your news feed

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