Acer Aspire S7

55012_1bJust purchased my new Acer Aspire S7 and so far it’s been living up to the expectations.

Previous to this I was using a Windows 7 based SONY Vaio (as you’ll come to find out, I generally love SONY products) and it was a good laptop for the 5+ years I lugged it around. My biggest complaints as the Vaio aged was size and mobility, the 2 minute battery life, and the lag when restarting the device. I decided it was time to upgrade and I settled on the Acer Aspire S7.

I’m too humble to pat myself on the back, but I have to say I really do love this machine. Of course, you’ll hear about the beautiful design – the white glass on the front, the chiseled aluminum casing – which stays nice and cool to the touch – but beyond that the Acer really continues to shine – even brighter than its vibrant HD screen. The keyboard was a downsize from the Vaio which took a little getting used to, but a couple days in I was flying through emails and blog posts like never before. The supple, tactile keys and nice, aqua-marine backlighting make for easy typing even in the dark.

The mouse pad isn’t the best and can become too sensitive at times, sending me into Windows 8 swipe vortexes that seem to never end, but overall it’s not a huge let-down. This leads me to my next hurrah for the Acer – its amazing touch screen. The hinge on the screen is very solid so when you’re swiping, poking and sliding your fingers all over the screen you don’t have to constantly re-adjust the hinge. Windows 8 certainly has a learning curve, but after you get the hang of things you can really fly through applications and jump back and fourth quickly and effortlessly. I even find myself inadvertently touching the screen and trying to thumb down on my Vaio when I occasionally show it some love.

The battery life on the Acer was the big knock when you read most reviews, but I feel like that’s just being nit-picky. I mean 4.5 hours of work time versus, say 6.5, isn’t that big of a deal, plus everyone carries their charger with them anyways. If you’re looking for a computer that you can listen to music on, watch stunning HD videos on, and surf the internet with effortless finger swipes on you won’t be disappointed – or crying for that extra 2 hours of mobile battery time either.

That brings me to my big 3 complaints I had with the SONY: size and mobility, battery life – or lack there of – and horrible restart times. Let’s just say the S7 handles all of these beautifully. As I opened the S7 box for the first time I was amazed to see how thin and sleek the machine was. My roommate had a MacBook Air and it was equally as thin and light, but it still had that solid build-feel which I know is important to a lot of folks. I touched on battery life earlier and if I’m comparing it directly to my old Vaio it feels like it lasts days compared to the SONY. Lastly, I’m glad I opted (and saved up for) the Intel core i7 processor for that added speed and zippy-ness because this machine boots up in literally under 20 seconds. It’s amazing how far these new mobile processors have come over the years!

Overall, my experience with this machine has been great and I’m glad I did my research because I would have hated to be stuck with a lesser machine or *cough* an Apple *cough.* Not that their is anything wrong with that.


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