The 5 worst Video-game movies of all time


As Disney prepares to release its latest animation Wreck-it-ralph, word is already very good.  A movie about a misunderstood video game character must have seemed a hard sell considering the awful awfulness of most games related films.  So to celebrate we’ve compiled our top 5 worst!

5. Super Mario Bros. 1993


Where do I begin? A big budget adaptation of Shigero Miyamoto’s turtle murdering Italian plumber starring an English character actor. What could possibly go wrong? An awful storyline involving evolution of dinosaurs in a parallel dimension and shoehorning in a mushroom based side story are words that should never be placed together in the same sentence. Even worse was to come a year later.

4. Double Dragon 1994


Based on the original ‘dudes walk from left to right and beat up streetpunks’ game this must have seemed like a good idea at the time. However the decision to cast…

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