Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet review roundup


Razer has managed to do something highly unusual: the company’s released a tablet that stands out from the crowd. The Razer Edge is a tablet aimed at PC gamers, and it features the hardware you’d expect from a mid-level gaming computer… but in a portable package.

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Spotify airs first-ever TV commercials [Video]

A little cheesy but still love my Spotify!



As competition between music streaming apps such as Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio continues to increase, Spotify has taken the opportunity to try to get an edge over the competition by releasing their first ever series of television commercials!

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Ubisoft Releases New Watch Dogs Trailer

This game may be the reason I buy a next gen console in the early days. Looks amazing!

My Nintendo News

Ubisoft has just uploaded trailer for its long-awaited Watch Dogs. This new trailer mirrors the demo shown at Sony’s PlayStation 4 conference, but this time through the eyes of the ctOS, which is the central mainframe that controls the city of Chicago. Watch Dogs is coming to all consoles this holiday season.

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Windows Blue Leak Brings More Evidence of the Desktop’s Decline

I’ll have to review Windows Blue for my Acer when it is released.


For desktop diehards who thought the next version of Windows might roll back some of Windows 8’s sweeping changes, keep dreaming.

Windows Blue, an update to Windows 8 that will reportedly launch this year, has leaked onto the Internet. Features include new Modern-style apps such as Sound Recorder and Calculator, easier home-screen customization, the ability to make app tiles even smaller or larger and an expanded Snap view that lets each app cover half the screen. Paul Thurrott has good overviews here and here. Engadget has a whole bunch of screenshots.

The most noticeable — and the most positive — change is the dwindling importance of the traditional desktop. Don’t worry, the desktop isn’t going away in Windows Blue, but it doesn’t seem as vital as it is in Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Exhibit A is the handful of new apps that will be built into…

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5 Things You Should Know About T-Mobile’s New No-Contract Plans


T-Mobile has made a bold step by getting rid of two-year contracts. It’s actually not quite that simple – especially if you want an inexpensive phone – but there are savings to be found nonetheless. Here’s the skinny.

The plans are affordable, considering what you get. Fifty bucks a month will get you unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and 500 megabytes of data. Ten bucks more gets you an additional two gigabytes of data; ten bucks more than that gets you unlimited data. Family plans start at $80 per month for two phones and top out at $210 per month for five lines and unlimited data.

All plans include unlimited text messages and the ability to use your phone as a data hotspot for your other devices, which are nice perks. Such features can cost extra on competing networks.

There are no data overages, but there’s a catch. Let’s…

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