Blast from the past: Sega Dreamcast

Loved this system and still own it today!! Remember playing Sonic Adventure for the first time and the killer whale chasing you as the dock collapses? Awesome!


Who remembers the excitement of The Sega Dreamcast being released? With that unique and intuitive controller and that cool little visual memory card accessory? I never owned one personally but my brother did. He used to hate the way that every time he came home from college I would be in his bed room playing Resident Evil Code: Veronica. I loved that game dearly.


The Dreamcast is yet another example of a product which was ahead of its time. Released globally in 1999 it way more powerful than Sony’s Playstation and Sega’s own Saturn. Sega really needed to make amends for its failing Saturn console and all seemed well when the Dreamcast kicked of with strong sales figures.  Unfortunately for Sega however the much anticipated Playstation 2 was just around the corner. This posed a major threat to Sega and unfortunately hit Dreamcast sales fatally.

The Dreamcast was officially discontinued…

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