Underrated Vintage Video Game of the Week: Power Rangers the Movie

games_power_rangers_movie        untitled

Alright, alright I know this is about as nerdy of a post as it gets but seriously this game was fun back in the day!

Now this is coming from a non-Power Rangers fan who never watched the TV show and never saw the movie but if either were half as good as this game, I was missing out. It followed the usual 2D side scrolling path of most games in the SNES/Genesis days but it was more detailed and the characters seemed distinct – with different weapons and of course colors. The best part was the challenge. Your character couldn’t just morph into Power Ranger form whenever it wanted to it had to build up points first. Once you had collected enough juice you could morph and become one of the six Power Rangers! To me that was a pretty cool feature that I don’t remember in many games at the time and it really stood out to me.

The level design wasn’t anything great but it definitely became progressively tougher as you fought your way through the different thugs. I remember one level where you were going up and down conveyor belts having to dodge pulleys and hooks while at the same time fighting off relentless enemies – it wasn’t easy!

I know it’s a stretch to think anything about the Power Ranges was cool but this game was full of good times, even if you weren’t a Power Rangers die hard fan.


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