Adspace Digital Mall Network, Blue Bite, bring interactive NFC to 140 US Malls

The future of NFC is coming…get ready!

Contactless Intelligence

 Adspace Digital Mall Network  is collaborating with Blue Bite, the Mobile Standard in Out-of-Home™, to install NFC technology into 140 malls of the extensive 206 US mall network. This addition will further increase mall shoppers’ mobile interaction with Adspace Networks’ digital Smart Screens.

Blue Bite’s proprietary mTAG® platform uses NFC and QR codes to facilitate a variety of brand-to-consumer interactions. The Smart Screens will feature client advertising that motivates consumers to either tap or snap the mTAG placard on the side panel of the unit. The mTAG delivers rich user experiences such as content downloads (movie trailers, mp3s, eBooks, apps), web-based games and applications, promotions and coupons, social media integration, maps and more—directly to shoppers’ phones.

Shoppers with NFC-enabled mobile phones will be able to receive content instantly, creating a seamless and intuitive engagement with the brand. Consumers with phones that do not yet have NFC will…

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