Blueseed: the $27 million floating Utopia for start-ups

The ship is called the Blueseed and it is a floating mega-yacht that looks to help high-tech start-ups wage the battle against the US governments’ international worker visa restrictions. The Blueseed, which already has over 350 start-ups on it’s waiting list, will float roughly 12 miles off-shore in international waters which – and here is the kicker – it will allow international workers to live and work without the need for a visa.

The brainchild of Max Marty and Dario Mutabdzija, two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, the Blueseed will be like a floating city with restaurants, a full gym, a full crew and transportation back to the mainland among other necessities of today’s life.

The ship is still in the conceptual phases, but Max and Dario are pushing for the remaining $18 million in funding to roll in and construction to finalize by the 2nd Quarter next year.

That gives us hopefuls plenty of time to start devising our own start-ups for a future on the high seas.


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