Tesla IS Cool!

The other day I’m getting out of my car and a Tesla model S pulls in next to me. As with any supercar I began ogling it and examining the beauty but what I noticed next was mind blowing, and quite possibly the coolest feature on a car – ever.

What was it you ask? Well the owner stepped out of the car, shut the door and the door handles instantly retracted flush back into the door. Amazing! Generally, I’m not inclined to talk to total strangers about their cars but in this instance I stopped the lady and asked her to show me it again – and like a Christopher Nolan movie it was even better the second time!

Watch the video and see if you don’t agree with me.

I know Tesla has been in the news now for months and usually the headlines aren’t always that enthusiastic; so that’s why I’m suggesting this marketing tactic for Tesla – start marketing the hell out of these futuristic, Hollywood-esque automatic door handles!

It may sound ridiculous that something so superficial could make me love this car so much but, then again, that’s nothing new in the land of automobiles. Just look at the subtleties of Audi’s LED headlamps and the knock-offs that imitate them or Lexus’s articulating headlights – these things set cars apart.

I may not be the car-guy I was in my teens but the fact that I wasn’t aware of this awesome feature makes me think Elon Musk and his marketing team at Tesla are failing on some level. This is something everyone should be aware of – not because it’s an electric car with potentially game changing electric technology but because it has the ‘cool-factor’ which is an underrated factor in my mind.

…did I really write an entire post on the cool-ness of retractable door handles? 😉


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