First impressions: Hands on with the Sony Xperia ZL smartphone


Pushing for a comeback in the States, Sony(s sne) directly sells its Xperia ZL smartphone in the U.S. for $629.99 through its Sony Store. That may be a tough sell in this land of subsidized cell phone addicts, but this market is changing. And Sony’s device is priced at or below other flagship phones currently available on the market.

The folks at Sony loaned me an Xperia ZL Android(s goog) unit to look over and although I’ve only had the device for less than 24 hours, I can already share some first impressions. My early take is that this handset is worth the look if you’re already considering an Android flagship phone from HTC, Samsung or LG. Here are photos followed by some initial thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Sony claims the ZL has the the sharpest 5-inch smartphone display and is also the world’s most compact handset with…

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Xbox One price tag ‘revealed’ by Amazon ahead of release date


It’s a state-of-the-art entertainment centre bolted on to a cutting edge games console – and the potential price raises a few eyebrows, too.

The Xbox One looks like it could set you back almost £600, an apparent slip by Amazon has revealed.

It lists the console at £599.99 with a note that states: ‘Order now and you will be charged the lowest price on release.’

But Amazon retailer indicates this could be an estimate rather than the final cost and other online retailers were taking pre-orders for £399.99.

Amazon added: ‘We do not yet have a release date for Xbox One. This is a placeholder only.’

If the higher price bears out, it will be more expensive than previous consoles such as the Xbox 360 that cost about £210 and its rival the PlayStation 3, which was priced at £425.

Tech Radar’s phones and tablets editor, Gareth Beavis, said: ‘It’s…

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