Blast from the Past: Flip-Phone Swag

As of today I am officially without my trusty smart phone; unfortunately last night it was the victim of a freak drowning accident. Rest in peace to my Sony Xperia S.

I am now walking around with a new-age Samsung flip phone – which I have dubbed the ‘flipper.’ At first I was frustrated by the T9 predictive text and the horrible flip design, but I soon realized that what this blast from the past lacks in bells-and-whistles it more than makes up for in simplicity and function.

In today’s world of touch screen this and touch screen that I think we have forgotten how gratifying, and exact, texting with real buttons is. The tactility of each button, the subtle ‘click’ sound as your thumb presses down, the precision of spelling out each word; it’s an underrated and, sadly, dying art (insert Blackberry *sigh* here –> ____________). 

Don’t forgot about the form factor either. The flip design – revolutionary in it’s day – still maximizes the phone into a compact and durable package. I would even go so far as to consider the flipping action of the phone to be ‘cool.’ Don’t believe me? Imagine pulling the flipper out to answer a call and seeing the reaction of your friends as you give the phone a quick ‘flip’ to open it up – shocking? Yes. Comical? Probably. Cool? You’re flippin’ right it is (pun intended)!

The simplicity of the device is also overlooked. Sick of being bombarding by the millions of apps, fancy animated backgrounds or a gazillion ring-tones to choose from? Don’t have to worry about that with the flipper. It comes jam-packed with a total of 4 available sounds to choose from. I chose sound 3 – a jazzy little number – and left it at that. Simple. Easy. The camera, on the other hand, is a true laggard. My Sony, may it rest in peace, lead the pack with a 12 mega-pixel camera but this little puppy might be working with, well, a single pixel. The photos are tiny and pixelated to the point of uselessness – thus placing my habitual Instagramming on a serious hiatus.

I may just stick with the flipper for a while and see how I get along with it. I may get mocked, fall behind on my mobile-uploads, and have way more time on my hands but I think I can handle it. Goodbye 2013. Hello 1995. 



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