Nostalgia, Activate! Earthworm Jim’s Creator Turns To Kickstarter For His Gaming Comeback



Between Disney axing LucasArts and Monkey Island’s creator waxing on about the sequel he thinks he’ll never make, the last few months have been a pretty big kick to the gaming crowd’s feels.

Here’s some feel-good medicine: the creator of 90’s nostalgia-factory Earthworm Jim is getting back into gaming, and he’s turning to Kickstarter to make his new game happen. Guhhhhhhroooovy!

While series creator Doug TenNapel lent his hand to at least eight games throughout the 90s, he’s best known for two: the aforementioned Earthworm Jim (and the resulting animated TV series, comic books, etc.), and the ill-selling but much-loved claymation point-and-click adventure game, The Neverhood. After his gaming company, The Neverhood, Inc, closed its doors in 1999, TenNapel shifted his focus to writing and inking graphic novels.

But he’s back! Or, at least, he’s probably back, assuming fans throw money at him.
TenNapel has teamed up with…

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