iOS 7 beta 2 iPad walkthrough [photo gallery]


Apple released iOS 7 beta 2 to carriers and developers on Monday just like we said they would, and the new build features a number of important changes. One of the biggest new items that comes with iOS 7 beta 2 is iPad and iPad mini support, of course. We posted the full change log for iOS 7 beta 2 and a photo gallery showing the software running on and iPhone 5, and now we’ve got a full walkthrough of iOS 7 beta 2 on Apple’siPad. A link to our complete iOS 7 beta 2 iPad gallery follows below.

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Microsoft and Oracle Team Up To Bring Java, Oracle Database, Linux and WebLogic Server To Azure And Windows Server


Ahead of their joint press conference later today, Microsoft and Oracle announced a new partnership that will bring a number of Oracle products to Windows Server and the company’s Azure cloud computing platform. These Oracle products include Java, Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server.

Starting today, Oracle customers can run supported Oracle software on Windows Server Hyper-V and in Windows Azure. Oracle also now provides license mobility for customers who want to run its software on Azure and bring Oracle Linux to Azure.

Microsoft, on the other hand, will offer Java in Windows Azure and will soon add Infrastructure Services instances with configurations for Oracle Java, Oracle Database and WebLogic Server to the Windows Azure image gallery.

As Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s president of its server and tools business notes in the company’s announcement today, he believes that “this partnership will help customers embrace cloud computing…

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Exciting New Smartphone Trends To Watch For In 2013



In the past years we have seen technology continue to improve, but now in 2013, there are a number of new and exciting technology advancements that are waiting to be launched. If you are a big technology geek or are simply looking for something new and exciting, here’s some new smartphone innovations to keep a look out for in 2013.

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Video Killed The Instagram Star


Instagram, an app best known for photo-sharing, added video last week, as it (and parent Facebook) sought to defend against the advance of Twitter’s fast-growing video-sharing app, Vine. The hope was to give its users a whole new way to share what is happening around them with friends. But while it was an ambitious new feature for the company to add, the end result has been that Instagram has sacrificed the user experience for those consuming content.

Becoming “Instagram for Video”

More than a year ago, Hunter Walk broke down the comparison between photos and videos and exactly why it was so difficult for someone to become the “Instagram for video“:

“Think about the photos you look at in either your social feeds or specific photos sites: 99% of them interest you because the subject(s) and/or camera holder is someone you know (or you yourself). Because pictures are…

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Shipments of NFC-enabled handsets grew 300% in 2012, says Berg Insight

Contactless Intelligence


According to a new research report by Berg Insight, global sales of handsets featuring Near Field Communication (NFC) grew 300 percent in 2012 to reach 140 million units. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 48.2 percent, annual shipments are forecasted to reach 1 billion units by 2017.

Wider adoption of NFC in mobile phones began in 2011 and accelerated in 2012 when the top-ten handset vendors released nearly 100 NFC-enabled models. NFC technology enables numerous applications such as information exchange, device pairing for establishing Bluetooth or WLAN connections, access control, electronic ticketing and secure contactless payments.

However, André Malm, Senior Analyst, Berg Insight anticipates that it will take some time before the stakeholders agree on business models for payment networks and access to secure elements that store the sensitive user information in NFC-enabled handsets. “It is the sum of many possible use cases for NFC rather than…

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Spotify Gain Pink Floyd Catalog

Talk Music To Me


Spotify has officially won the war at getting the complete  catalog from iconic band, Pink Floyd. The complete catalog of the band became available to the public through the streaming service provider once the amount of plays of “Wish You Were Here” crossed the one million line this past weekend. Pink Floyd had some input on it tweeting about the campaign just a day before die-hards put their ears to work.

“It’s a great day for fans of prog rock, but it’s also a great day for younger fans who have yet to be really turned on to the magic of Pink Floyd,” said Ken Parks, Spotify’s chief content officer though British paper, The Guardian. “That’s a lot of what this is about: bringing a new generation of fans to one of the biggest and most iconic bands in the world.”

But Pink Floyd’s catalog isn’t the only iconic band that the…

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