Tweetdeck: now visually in line with the rest of Twitter


As Twitter works to further tighten the integration among its different apps — and shut down the third-party apps that don’t play by its rules — it’s become increasingly clear that the company has a clear, white and blue vision for the many faces of Twitter.

The company announced further changes to Tweetdeck on Wednesday, but this time it’s as much about the design of Tweetdeck as the actual functionality. The app looks brighter and fresher than the old edition, and while users always tend to dislike changes to apps like Tweetdeck, there didn’t seem to be many too many complaints about Wednesday’s changes.

Here’s a view of the new look for Tweetdeck:

tweetdeck new design layoutAnd for a comparison to see how far Tweetdeck has come, here’s what it used to look like back in 2009:

TweetDeckTwitter has taken Tweetdeck and managed to totally refresh the design and look — over…

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