Hoping for the Man of Steel

Hope. Maybe the most relevant word to use when talking about the new Superman reboot – the Man of Steel.

Superman movies are tough. When you have a character who can’t be killed, hurt, bruised or injured in any way how do you make people feel any remorse? It doesn’t matter how many walls he’s thrown through, explosions he withstands or bullets he deflects – he’s completely invulnerable. That’s the problem with Superman as a super hero. Batman is mortal and has his obvious weaknesses, Spider-Man is tough but still vulnerable to bullets and even Iron Man is just a mere human with a protective suit. So what does that mean when making a Superman movie?

Everyone knows Superman will prevail – it’s the obvious outcome of all super hero movies – but with Superman, even a struggle doesn’t seem realistic. That is why a good Superman movie must dig into the character of Clark Kent; forget Superman. It has to be introspective; bordering on philosophical. We, as an audience, need to feel as if this man – although invulnerable from physical pain – has a soul that struggles to cope with his unique situation. A god among men. I’m hoping that having Christopher Nolan on-board will help with this. His writing has always been great and he did an amazing job resurrecting Batman. There is no reason to believe he can’t do the same for Supes.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. I have no doubt that it will leave a better taste in our mouths than Bryan Singers lackluster attempt in 2006. All the trailers already show a much deeper story and great action to boot. In the third trailer we see a clip where Louis Lane (played by actress Amy Adams) asks Superman about the “S” on his chest; he replies, “On my world it means hope.” That’s good enough for me.

The Man of Steel opens in theaters June 14th.



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