The Nokia Lumia 1020

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The Nokia 1020 is the newest flagship Windows phone that was released yesterday. This phone is made to be an upgrade of the Nokia 808 that ran Symbian and a new version of the 920 that runs Windows. There really isn’t anything different from this smartphone that’s not on the Lumia 920 from Nokia but its camera, new camera grip, and the camera app.


The new Nokia Pro Camera is an update to the normal stock camera. The 41-megapixel camera that is added to this phone makes it a lot more powerful than the 808 PrueView camera and the 920’s stock camera. With the six-lens Carl Zeiss optics hardware gives it another profession camera look, it has a 3x zoom feature, autofocus feature, and a dual-flash feature.


Nokia’s Lumia 1020 also as a Xenon flash (the same as the Lumia 928) with a smaller LED flash. It also captures HD 1080p video.



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