Sony’s New Device: The PS Vita TV

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Along with the PS Vita 2000, that I might not make a post about, Sony showed off a new streaming box that just might rival the Roku and the Apple TV. The PS Vita TV shown to stream internet TV (Netflix, Hulu, etc), music, and PS3/4 content. You can also play Vita games, mostly why it’s called the Vita TV. There is a slot for PS Vita games and a slot for an expandable memory card.



Not a lot of information is known about this device other then the basics. The PS Vita TV will be released on November 14th in Japan for, what would be for us, 95 – 100 dollars. There’s no official US release date or price but it’s believe to be out a month after the PS4 and will sell at 100 dollars.



Also, when I looked up everything I could, that was in English, and after showing the…

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