Uber CEO Talks Crazy Regulation And Doing On-Demand Service For Everything


Volvo’s electric roads concept points to battery-free EV future


Volvo has been testing the technology at a 400 meter-long test track in a facility in Häll...

While quick charging technology installed at strategic points along a planned route might be a good fit for inner city buses, it’s not going to be of much use to electric vehicles that stop infrequently. Volvo sees our future long-haul trucks and buses drawing the juice they need from the road itself, making large onboard batteries a thing of the past.

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Tesla IS Cool!

The other day I’m getting out of my car and a Tesla model S pulls in next to me. As with any supercar I began ogling it and examining the beauty but what I noticed next was mind blowing, and quite possibly the coolest feature on a car – ever.

What was it you ask? Well the owner stepped out of the car, shut the door and the door handles instantly retracted flush back into the door. Amazing! Generally, I’m not inclined to talk to total strangers about their cars but in this instance I stopped the lady and asked her to show me it again – and like a Christopher Nolan movie it was even better the second time!

Watch the video and see if you don’t agree with me.

I know Tesla has been in the news now for months and usually the headlines aren’t always that enthusiastic; so that’s why I’m suggesting this marketing tactic for Tesla – start marketing the hell out of these futuristic, Hollywood-esque automatic door handles!

It may sound ridiculous that something so superficial could make me love this car so much but, then again, that’s nothing new in the land of automobiles. Just look at the subtleties of Audi’s LED headlamps and the knock-offs that imitate them or Lexus’s articulating headlights – these things set cars apart.

I may not be the car-guy I was in my teens but the fact that I wasn’t aware of this awesome feature makes me think Elon Musk and his marketing team at Tesla are failing on some level. This is something everyone should be aware of – not because it’s an electric car with potentially game changing electric technology but because it has the ‘cool-factor’ which is an underrated factor in my mind.

…did I really write an entire post on the cool-ness of retractable door handles? 😉

Impressions from the 2013 New York International Auto Show

Mind Over Motor

There were many new cars revealed at this year’s New York International Auto Show. I was in attendance for the Preview Night last Thursday, where I had access to many new cars, both those revealed at the show and those from recent shows. Like every event I go to, I covered what caught my eye. As many of you may know, I don’t do news in the proper sense because I like to be a little more authentic. What follows are my impressions of the cars as I saw and experienced them at the show, and my opinions of them overall. Enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts on any of them in the comments.

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At $3.9M, This Is the World’s Most Expensive (and Powerful) Lamborghini



Ask a 13-year-old to design their dream car and the Lamborghini Veneno is what you’d get. It’s a 750-horsepower, carbon fiber assault on the senses, and even if you could afford the $3.9 million price tag, Lamborghini is only making three of them, and of course they’ve all been sold. Apologies to Mr. Zuckerberg and the Koch brothers.

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Let’s discuss the Mclaren P1

Love that they’re bringing the McLaren back!

Mind Over Motor

Mclaren released the details, and photos, of the production version of their new P1 hypercar today ahead of its official debut at next week’s 2013 Geneva Motor Show. In short it is a hybrid with a combined output of 903hp, it will do 0-60mph in sub 3 sec, 0-124mph in sub 7 sec, and its top speed is limited to “only” 217mph. I emphasize the “only” because one of the first comments I read about the car on Jalopnik was “1.3 mill and its “limited” to 217.  Thanks.  Pretty much told us its not as fast as the Veyron”. That, right there, people, is the problem I have with both a car like the Bugatti, and your typical superficial sort car enthusiast. Keep in mind, a Formula One car is “slower” than a Veyron as well, yet you don’t see the Bugatti setting lap times even remotely close to the…

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Spotify in Ford Cars via New York Times

As much as I hate traffic…this may make it slightly more bearable! LOVE Spotify!

Spotify, digital music streaming service has just inked a deal to be featured in Ford cars. This after Pandora made a similar move.

Get ready and check out The New York Times article here for more information.


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