Ben Kingsley Working On “Secret” Marvel Project

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After starring as The Mandarin *cough* Trevor *cough* in this year’s Iron Man 3, it appears that Sir Ben Kingsley has been recently working on another Marvel project.

Speaking to The Belfast Telegraph, Sir Ben revealed, “It’s a secret Marvel project. I’m not allowed to say any more, you’re going to have to wait and see. I was with many members of the crew that were involved in Iron Man 3. It was lovely to see them again. It was great to be with this wonderful family.”

So, could that be a Marvel ‘One-Shot,’ similarly to the recent Agent Carter short? Could Kingsley’s Trevor have really been The Mandarin?

Expect more on this as we get it.


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Leaked Sony Xperia Z1 press image hints at metal chassis


The Sony Xperia Z1 has leaked once again. This time an alleged press image of what’s believed to be next Sony flagship Android smartphone has surfaced


The Sony Xperia Z1 aka Xperia i1 Honami, has made another appearance on the web ahead of the official announcement. An alleged press image of the smartphone reveals the multiple colours – black, white and purple. The smartphone looks very similar to Sony’s flagship Z smartphone, except for the metallic frame around it.


The Sony Xperia Z1 is believed to be the company’s next flagship Android smartphone. The Z1, erstwhile known as Honami, has leaked quite a few times in the recent times. The benchmark scores of the Z1 had leaked online, revealing AnTuTu score of 30,625. Also, an alleged teaser smartphone had surfaced, hinting at the purple version of the phone and the official release date.

The smartphone is said to…

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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop: 5 Things You Should Know


Elon Musk, he of Tesla and SpaceX fame, is looking to shake up the transportation industry with an idea called the Hyperloop.

Businessweek has some details concerning how the Hyperloop would work, and Musk himself has released a 57-page PDF alongside an accompanying blog post, but here are the basics.

It Would Go From L.A. to San Francisco in About 35 Minutes, With No Need for Train- or Plane-like Schedules

Musk proposes the roughly 380-mile (612 km) trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco taking about 35 minutes in the Hyperloop, according to his PDF. Aluminum “pods” containing passengers and even cars would be shot through steel tubes at almost 800 miles per hour (1,290 km/h) in certain stretches. Musk’s blog post mentions that such a system would be “the right solution for the specific case of high-traffic city pairs that are less than about 1,500 km or 900 miles…

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