Exciting New Smartphone Trends To Watch For In 2013



In the past years we have seen technology continue to improve, but now in 2013, there are a number of new and exciting technology advancements that are waiting to be launched. If you are a big technology geek or are simply looking for something new and exciting, here’s some new smartphone innovations to keep a look out for in 2013.

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Shipments of NFC-enabled handsets grew 300% in 2012, says Berg Insight

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According to a new research report by Berg Insight, global sales of handsets featuring Near Field Communication (NFC) grew 300 percent in 2012 to reach 140 million units. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 48.2 percent, annual shipments are forecasted to reach 1 billion units by 2017.

Wider adoption of NFC in mobile phones began in 2011 and accelerated in 2012 when the top-ten handset vendors released nearly 100 NFC-enabled models. NFC technology enables numerous applications such as information exchange, device pairing for establishing Bluetooth or WLAN connections, access control, electronic ticketing and secure contactless payments.

However, André Malm, Senior Analyst, Berg Insight anticipates that it will take some time before the stakeholders agree on business models for payment networks and access to secure elements that store the sensitive user information in NFC-enabled handsets. “It is the sum of many possible use cases for NFC rather than…

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Google Wants To Make Your Android Phone More Like A Nexus With Its New Keyboard App


Heads up Android keyboard aficionados — if your handset runs Android 4.0 or later and you’re just not thrilled with the keyboard you already have, you can now download Google’s stock keyboard app from the Google Play store.

According to a post on the official Android Google+ page, the app has launched in certain English-speaking markets with a wider rollout to follow shortly. But that’s not to say that people in those launch markets are restricted to pecking out missives in English. The app comes with libraries for 26 languages, as well as the ability to select next word suggestions and swipe across the keyboard to form words. In the event you haven’t played around with it yet, it’s really quite good — far better than what I’ve experienced in Samsung and HTC’s custom skins, anyway.

Yeah, fine, I know — who gets hot and bothered about keyboards? Well…

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Get looping: Vine video app released for Android on Google Play store today


After five months of successfully looping iPhone and iPad users’ pets and stationery, the Vine app has arrived for Android devices.

The app allows users to capture short video clips, stitch them together and play them on loop, already attracting 13 million downloads on iOS since its arrival in the App Store in January.

Vine has now been released for devices running on Android 4.0 and above, though there are reports of some teething troubles with the official app not yet appearing in some users’ stores.

One of the weirder uses for the app circulating recently has been to give the impression of users’ flying on a broomstick, as seen in this selection of weird videos.

Vine is described by parent Twitter as ‘the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family…

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