Nintendo Releases Official Video Of Aonuma’s Presentation On Zelda A Link Between Worlds

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Eiji Aonuma’s New York Comic-Con presentation on A Link Between Worlds is beginning to reach legendary status. Nintendo has finally released an official video of the event, hosted by Krysta from Nintendo Minute. Aonuma infamously revealed many details about the game at the event, including a hint that info regarding a Majora’s Mask re-release may be hidden in the game. One interesting segment shows the differences between the 2D and 3D versions of the overworld map imported into A Link Between Worlds from A Link To the Past, with Aonuma admitting that he worked on the conversion to 3D himself because no developers were ready to work on the project yet at that point. A Link Between Worlds will launch on November 22nd.

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Why the Xbox One is scaring gamers


In the two weeks since Microsoft unveiled the  Xbox One, gamers have raised some questions about its latest-generation console: will the Xbox One remain “always” connected to the internet? Will the console work with used games? And how much information can the console glean on any one user at any given time?

Those concerns turned into anxiety, as Microsoft continued to be vague about its policies.It said these questions would be clarified “at a later time.”

Yesterday, the company set up a landing page to address the most important concerns gamers have with the console. But Microsoft’s announcement has only further incited gamers. One meme on Reddit likened the Xbox One to the maniacal AI Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The biggest blow many gamers believe Microsoft has dealt is with game ownership. Right now, you can bring your copy of a game to any buddy’s house, load…

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Yahoo Acquires Gaming Infrastructure Startup PlayerScale


Another day, another acquisition by Yahoo.

Yahoo said this morning it’s acquired PlayerScale, a California-based startup that makes software infrastructure for cross-platform gaming. Financial details haven’t been disclosed.

PlayerScale, which was self-funded and cash-flow positive as of this past January, was founded in 2009. According to a VentureBeat article also from January, the company had a staff of 14. It’s not clear yet how many staff are involved and will be joining Yahoo — we’ve reached out for details and will update this with any information we receive.Update: Yahoo tells us that 7 people from PlayerScale are joining Yahoo as part of the transaction.

The four-year-old PlayerScale says its platform now has more than 150 million players, which marks significant growth from just this past January when our own Anthony Ha reported the platform had crossed the 100 million user line. For now this does not…

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RetroN 5 interview on the ultimate retro console – Reader’s Feature


A reader talks to one of the minds behind Hyperkin’s RetroN 5 console and discovers how it aims to revolutionise retro gaming.

With the recent announcement of the RetroN 5 console and the waves it’s making I thought, while looking for more information about the console, I would ask David Yu the Marketing Director some questions about the company and their history – being that they are based in America and that is their main market.

Me: Hi David, could you tell me how Hyperkin first started out, because it is still a fairly young company and it’s probably the first time people in Europe have heard about you?

David Yu: Hyperkin was founded by two brothers who started out in the video game industry selling DanceDanceRevolution dance pads at the height of its popularity. As their business grew their retail partners and customers started to ask for other gaming…

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Microsoft IllumiRoom breaks your video game out of its television prison



We see a lot of video game tech coming out of the three console giants (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo). With one look we can usually predict what is going to be a flop. Case and point is the Wii U whose sales have been less than extraordinary and Sony Move which is motion control directed as hardcore games who we believe are perfectly happy with the current evolution of their dual shock controllers. But this time around we think Microsoft has it nailed. They’re showing off technology they call IllumiRoom which uses a projector to bring your entire gaming room into the experience.

The image above is not doctored. This is a picture of IllumiRoom in action. A projector on the coffee table automatically calibrates to the room (using Kinect 3D data for mapping) in order to show realistic graphic rendering on the non-flat projection surfaces. In our mind, this…

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